Death Dealer Mercenaries
AO News
Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:21 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (2)

18.2 Preliminary Update Notes
- New Orbital Nightclub “The Grind” added to Sunrise Station. Watch the launcher for news of the big opening night!
- Pets should no longer ignore attack orders when multiple pets are used.
- Client should now switch to the default map should the custom one not exist.
- Character preferences should now save correctly on new characters.
- Startup missions in the shuttleport now have waypoints.
- Surgery Clinic added to the Sunrise Station Luxury Apartments.
- ICC Grid entrance and exit added.
- Xan pistols can now be “used” in the inventory to create a left-handed version that fits the character model better when held in the left hand.
- Full Auto support added for Fixers through nano-programs, personal research lines and perks.(310 additional points available for now…more to come with the upcoming AI perk changes.)
- Experienced Survivor ...

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AO News
Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:01 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (4)

Cost reductions and forced leave in Funcom

Funcom N.V has initiated a program of cost reductions, reductions in head count and use of forced leave (permittering) to better align the Company's operations to the current marketplace.

Around 20 % of the staff of the Company will be affected by headcount reductions or forced leave, mostly in the Company's Norwegian subsidiary.

The Company's development of the Age of Conan expansion pack and its preparations for launch in Korea will continue as planned, as will the preparations for the limited beta of its first free- to-play MMO scheduled to take place during Q4. The development of The Secret World will be some months extended due to the initiatives with even more focus on ensuring the delivery of a game that is fully in line with the high expectations amongst fans and gamers across the world.

For any further information regarding ...

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WAR News
Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:59 am by DDM_Auger | Comments (18)

Full Story

As surmised earlier this week, Mythic announced today that the Public Test Server for Game Update 1.3.2 opens tomorrow (9/29/09) morning! This update contains another batch of significant updates, as well as the usual round of bug fixes and balance changes.

Look for a new 'Apprentice' system that will enable to you to temporarily adjust your rank (upwards or downwards) to the level of another player in order to play with them. While the ability to adjust rank upwards is certainly surprising, note that you will not be able to queue for any Scenarios that you did not previously have access too. For example: You have a rank 1 Shaman, and your friend has a rank 11 Witch Elf. If your friend Apprenticed you, you would then be scaled to rank 11, and be able to queue for Tier 1 scenarios. If your friend was level ...

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World of Warcraft News
Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:05 am by Viper_Kilo | Comments (18)

hrmmzz, theres potential... if its true

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WAR News
Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:18 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (2)

The Elven God of the Hunt has stalked the mortal lands since time immemorial. Year in and year out, the High Elves gather to honor Kurnous with a sacred hunt, where the best of the best try to prove themselves Master Hunters in the eyes of the greatest hunter of them all.

But with the war raging on, the practice has faltered ... and the God of the Hunt is angry. No longer do skillful mortals hunt to feed their families; instead, hardened soldiers scour the woods and meadows of all available game. No longer do hunters observe the sacred rites; they kill only to test their skills, and leave their prey to rot on the battlefields...

The God of the Hunt can brook no more! The hunter's moon has risen! The horn of Kurnous has sounded! Let those who honor the ancient traditions pay heed—and let all who slaughter with abandon tremble!

Wild Hunt will be available from 08/31 to 09/07

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Mechwarrior News
Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:52 pm by DDM_Salvatoris | Comments (2)

The fine folks at Mechwarrior Living legends have posted their 18th weekly update on the progress of the game. This week they are showing us four variants of their Inner Sphere hawk Moth, (a 25 ton VTOL!), as well as a glimpse at an awesome looking base on SA Inferno and the usual round-up of play testing screenshots from the week. The screenshots just keep getting better and better. This game is really shaping up nicely. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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