Death Dealer Mercenaries
WAR News
Wed May 19, 2010 9:39 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (1)

Lot's of stuff added to this patch, most notably is a complete rehaul of the city sieges. No more is it a flag dash, you fight for control points in Stage 1, Get super-sized champs in Stage 2 and then the King fight in Stage 3 with select players becoming champs themselves (super-sized as well!). All stages happen, regardless, unlike the previous version where the entire siege had to have 98% control (cumulative).

This makes the city more worthwhile than the empty sieges for Invader Crests unless their is a King push. Woot!

The Crest drops have been changed.
Ability to buy additional bank slots!

They did rush the BW and Sorc changes since they had a major effect on the city sieges. Their changes weren't slated until 1.3.6.

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AO News
Sat May 08, 2010 3:42 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

Some long awaited fixes and instances have been added. My favorites highlighted in bold Smile

18.3.2 Update Notes

New Content:

The Collector Instance:

- A new, and very challenging, single-team instance has been added to the entrance of Pandemonium. Who will be first to tackle these three very difficult encounters? Who will be the first to steal from the ultimate collection of hidden treasures?

- Bring your very best and try to survive the most difficult and complex small-group experience we have ever released.

The Daily Mission System:

- The new Daily Mission System is now available. The first Daily Missions in this first release are available for Rubi-Ka only and will offer players of all levels an alternative and effective way to progress with significant rewards including XP, Victory Points, and Tokens. Daily Missions are available from sided agencies in Old Athe ...

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WAR News
Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:14 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (2)

Patch notes

Major changes to the game. Of note are:

  • Players will now be faced with a difficult decision when a city enters Captured state. Beginning with 1.3.4 the Tier 4 RvR campaign will now reset when a Contested City enters the Captured state. Players must now make a decision: Stay in the city and potentially capture the opposing realm's King, or take the battle back to the open field to prevent an all out assault on your own city?
  • Scenario Currency is here! You will now earn Recruit, Scout, Soldier, and Officer Emblems for completing any Scenario match. All players who participated in the scenario, on both the winning and losing sides, will receive Emblems based on their realm's final score. Emblems convert upwards at a rate of 5:1 and can be broken down from Officer to Recruit. These Emblems may be redeemed within Altdorf's War Quarters or Inevitable City's Apex for fantastic new items! Additionally, Rank 40 players will also collect Insignias which are needed for the most powerful of these new items, and may be obtained though Scenario completions, Keep captures or Keep defenses, and successfully completing stages one and two of a contested city PQ.
  • Tier 4 open-world RVR areas and Scenario battles will now bolster players up to Rank 40.

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Game News
Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:41 am by DDM_Salvatoris | Comments (2)

Friday, 15 January 2010
It has arrived! After the huge success of both the Beta launch and the Hotfix updates, Wandering Samurai and the MWLL Dev team are proud to bring you the first official patch of Mech Warrior: Living Legends.

You may grab the updates from the following mirrors:;sa=downfile;id=80;sa=downfile;id=82

Many new features, game balancing changes and bug fixes have worked their way into this update, so please familiarize yourself with the release notes found below!

Installation is very simple! Extract straight into your Crysis directory.
NOTE: You do not need to have the hot fix installed to update to this patch. This patch will overwrite all files updated by the hotfix and thus will work with or without the hot fix ...

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Mechwarrior News
Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:29 am by DDM_Salvatoris | Comments (40)

"After more than 3 years of blood, sweat and beers, of failure and success, of missed sleep and neglected personal hygiene, the time has finally come to share our work with the world. Yes, Wandering Samurai is proud to present MechWarrior: Living Legends and would like to invite the world to participate in our open beta program which will start on December 26th 2009."

Everyone has to get themselves Crysis for Xmas.... MW:LL the next day. Razz

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AO News
Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:51 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

Most noted is the mailbox...good thing they want to start acting like every other MMO...

**18.3 Update Notes**

*The Mail System*

- Reclaim terminals are now mail terminals. Reclaim is now /reclaim.
- Free Accounts can not send mail, but can receive. Froobs can buy sending abilities (one time fee).
- Inbox size is 30 mails. If inbox is full, you can not receive more mail.
- Standard delivery: 2000 credits, 30-35 minutes.
- Express delivery: 200000 credits, 2-7 minutes.
- Rate limit is one mail per minute.
- Minimum credit amount to send is 4000 credits.
- Can not send nodrops, backpacks or temporary items.
- COD fee is 5% + normal send fee.
- COD mail will return after the timeout period (2days) and stay in your inbox for 2 days after that.
- Normal mail timeout is 14 days.
- Any mail that times out will be deleted and items/credits will be lost (wil ...

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WAR News
Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:09 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (3)

Cool winds blow across the empty fields of Reikland, wiping away the memory of sun-bleached grains and summer days. Thoughts turn now to the long, bleak nights of the coming winter, and the foreboding darkness that accompanies the death of another year. The sickly green visage of the Chaos moon begins to flicker and change, and the superstitious people of the world hide themselves away behind locked doors, and pray not to fall prey to the foul terrors of the Daemon Moon.

Now, with the war in full swing, the horrors of the Daemon Moon are worse than ever. Malevolent creatures borne out of the fabric of Chaos itself descend upon the world like daemon locusts, intent upon devouring the souls of every living creature they encounter.

The Daemon Moon shines its baleful light down upon the world. The screams of countless tortured victims mingle with the howls of their daemonic tormentors. ...

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