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Conan Exiles PATCH 23.02.2017 - Critical! Make a bed or roll
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PostYou have posted in this forum: Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:34 am   Post subject:  Conan Exiles PATCH 23.02.2017 - Critical! Make a bed or roll Back to top 

PATCH 23.02.2017
A new patch has been released, and it's a big one! Please restart your games and make sure your community servers are updated.

Performance and Tech Fixes
Fixes for certain server crashes
Reduced log spam on dedicated servers
Optimized animation blueprints to improve server performance
Made several console commands require admin
Fixed an issue where thralls would not properly load on server restart

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
You can now loot corpses under water
You can no longer dismantle Explosive Jars that have already exploded
Arrow projectiles are now more visible
Players can no longer use chairs to travel great distances
Players can no longer walk through walls which have not loaded in yet
Players can no longer use building previews to move themselves around
Bows should now fire more consistently on dedicated servers
Archers across the Exiled Lands have laid off the booze and can now properly aim again
Knives are now efficient for harvesting Hide or Thick Hide
Placeables now correctly respect the "No Ownership" server setting
Drinking from a well now quenches thirst. The future is now.
Updated collision for banners and carpets
Player now respawns at last bed/bedroll they interacted with
Fixed an issue where a test NPCs could be spawned
Bows should no longer shoot in crazy directions
Fixed an issue with stacksize for items in containers

Balance and Gameplay Fixes
Heads are no longer returned when dismantling trophies.
Fixed collision on relic rocks in starting area
It is no longer possible to build on the shrine west of the river to prevent NPCs from spawning
Players can drink while underwater again
Players now respawn immediately upon dying, skipping the death camera.
This is a temporary change in order to prevent players from retaining gear after death, and a permanent solution will be implemented in the future.
Added a short delay before you can harvest a corpse to reduce the chance of accidentally hitting the corpse with a non-optimal tool
Players now unequip their weapons when logging in. This fixes a problem with animation states.
Bows should now always consume ammunition
Fixed a collision issue with the giant spider and rebalanced its attacks
Fixed an issue with explosive jars causing camera jitter when colliding with the player in build mode
Players can no longer stack placeables
Players can no longer abort attacks to increase attack speed
Made more monsters able to damage structures. Some can even damage T3 buildings!
Bedrolls and beds can only be bound to one character at a time
Make beds only have one owner, and show the owner in GUI. If you respawn, the bedroll is prioritized over the bed, so bedrolls can be used for expeditions. Please give us feedback on this change.
Players can no longer break the surrender emote by entering combat unarmed
Monsters have received unique attacks and can now knock you back
The pickaxe now suffers no harvesting penalties and give full resources from trees and rocks
You can no longer build in invalid locations if you enter building mode without moving the mouse

Visual Improvements
Gazelle now ragdoll properly after death
Elephants now ragdoll properly after death
Player turn rates and walk rates have been tweaked to fix animation problems
Added new equip animations for the fiber rope in 1st and 3rd person
Add social animations for the Hyena and Crocodile when they are stationary
Various tweaks to armors
Various tweaks to the male and female bodies
Various tweaks to the male and female heads and hair
The Relic Hunters now equip Relic Hunter armor pieces

Text and Localization
Added new translations for dialogues, items and user interface
Added subtitles to several voice-overs

Fixed an issue where server login would fail if you had too many mods installed

Known Issues
We are aware that crossbows still fire inconsistently. We are working on a fix
Shrines are currently not able to be placed in singleplayer mode. We are aware of this and will fix that as quickly as possible.
Yellow Lotus Potions sometimes have no effect. This will be fixed as quickly as possible, and in the meantime we recommend not using them.

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