Death Dealer Mercenaries
Team News
Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:59 pm by DDM_PLAGUE | Comments (12)

Comms has been down since 02/04/11 I have called an sent e-mail I hope it will be up again soon. In the mean time we can use ingame when avail. There is a public server we can use addy channel DDM pw= death until its fixed
Plague Out.

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AO News
Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:02 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

18.4 Update Release Notes

General Changes:

* Anarchy Online no longer supports versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP.
* The Anarchy Online in-game store is now available.
* All "Service Points" have now been converted to "Funcom Points". The conversion rate is 1.2, meaning if you had 1000 Service Points, you now have 1200 Funcom Points. The cost of all services has been updated to reflect this change. Phasefront Points (IE: points already transferred in-game) are not affected by this change.
* The amount of points you receive with your gametime has been changed. Accounts now receive 60 points for 1 month, 300 points for 3 months, 600 points for 6 months and 1440 points for 12 months.
* New input system is now available. All keys should now be bindable/customizable through the "binds" tab in the F10 options menu.
* Tim ...

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AO News
Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:29 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

**18.3.13 Update Notes**

- New always open pvp area added for seven different level ranges (level 10+). Accessible through the new PvP signup common area.

- New Battlestation level ranges introduced and less players are now required to both start a battlestation AND keep it running. New common signup room for all ranges accessible from old BS terminals. New ranges are:


- Alien style superior daily missions have been removed from the superior daily mission system. These and more will be back with a new Alien Daily mission system in the next update.

- Pandemonium protection rings requirement changed from TL6 to level 201+.

- Players should no longer lose unsaved XP from deaths in PvP.

- Tradeskill requirements to make Sector 10 Boss patterns significantly reduced.

- Daily Mission: Experimental Formula - should ...

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AO News
Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:20 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

All hostile nanos (debuffs ie: UBT) should now be removed from pets after the death of the Master.

- A new version of the "Mine" pvp area is available for testing for 200+ level players. Many suggested changes have been made in this version. Thank you all for the excellent feedback so far on this area.

- The Penumbra Garden Key quest should now correctly provide a significant XP/SK reward.

- Master of Psy-Mod Alien mothership boss has been "toned down".

- Prophet Abad Mord should now be properly available to exchange Insignias.

- Crypt of Home monsters are now tab-selectable by Neutrals (Now "monsters" rather than "neutral" sided.)

- Daily Missions: Scooplet Outbreak should now scale properly with the player's level.

- Daily Missions: Aegan/Mutant Domain Infestation should now scale properly with the player's level.

- Daily ...

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WAR News
Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:27 am by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

Item Appearance
No longer do players have to sacrifice their sense of fashion in the name of better stats! To allow players options to customize their appearance players now have the option of selecting the appearance of any piece of equipment while at the same time choosing their best option for statistics. This is accomplished by selecting the "Appearance" checkbox in the lower left corner of the character portrait on the character window. Then simply drag and drop a piece of equipment to its appropriate equipment slot to take on its appearance. The item used for appearance remains in the player's backpack and isn't destroyed in the process. The new item appearance is tied to that piece of armor, so even if the armor is removed the alternate appearance will be saved. To remove an alternate appearance si ...

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AO News
Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:23 pm by DDM_LordShado | Comments (0)

* A new default and more detailed default map created by members of the community is now a part of the AO client.

* The new birthday buidling is now revealed. If the door to yours does not work please contact Customer Service who will remove the building with you and supply you with a new one. Do NOT remove the building yourself.

* Daily missions now scale exactly according to your level. Missions include: Extraction, A Contigent Spy, One Green Hill, One Foggy Hill.

* Prototype Formula can now be cancelled by the user. Doing this will fail the mission.

* Monsters for Missions: Slum Town, Nomad Camp, Crash Site and System Intrusion have been tweaked down to make them easier to complete for people at the beginning for the level range.

* One Green Hill and Foggy Hill now have obvious visual indicators of where the event can be triggered.

* The escort NPC for "Extracti ...

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Mechwarrior News
Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:28 pm by DDM_Salvatoris | Comments (4)

After four months of long nights, shut-in weekends and unsafe volumes of caffeine, the MechWarrior: Living Legends team is pleased to present the release of MechWarrior: Living Legends Open Beta 0.3.0

This release brings together an array of balance updates, bug fixes, new features, gameplay modes and performance enhancements to provide a reinvigorated gameplay experience for the player.

To see the available download options, please visit

A big thank you to all of our fans for your continued support of MechWarrior: Living Legends!

Final 0.3.0 Changelog Notes:

Current state 06/12/2010

- Almost every weapon has been rebalanced using the new ...

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